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Port of Gibraltar

Gibraltar is the largest bunkering port in the Mediterranean, strategically located at the southern tip of Europe overlooking the Straits at the point where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean and facing towards North Africa. Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory and as such English is the official language on the Rock, although many Gibraltarians are also fluent in Spanish. The unit of currency is the pound sterling.

The Straits of Gibraltar are one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, with over 70,000 vessels sailing these waters each year. Gibraltar is perfectly placed to provide the international shipping industry with bunkering services as well as a variety of shipping agency and other maritime services with little need for deviation from busy routes. With an international airport providing daily arrivals and departures, Gibraltar easily provides the perfect location for crew transfers as well as for the supply of parts and provisions.

Located at the crossroads of some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, Gibraltar provides visiting ships with a safe, efficient operating environment, and deservedly achieved its status as a Maritime “Centre of Excellence”. Global Agency Company is proud to be a part of this enduring tradition of maritime services and to continue to offer its long-established services to the shipping industry from its base in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Port provides 10 berths, ranging from 6.0m to 9.6m draft, and some have a LOA restriction. The Detached Mole, not connected to shore, provides a further 4 berths mainly used for laid up vessels and vessels under arrest. Gibraltar’s local ship yard company, Gib Dock, have their own private berths.

Gibraltar has two anchorages: Eastern and Western. The Eastern Anchorage is used mainly for husbandry matters such as crew changes, delivery of spare parts etc. The Western Anchorage is mainly used for bunkering and underwater works, for oil-related activities such as lubricant supply, de-slopping and ship to ship operations.

There are two off-shore rendez-vous positions: RV 2 NM East of Europa Point and RV 6.5 NM off Europa Point.

Gibraltar has air-freight facilities through Gibraltar International Airport (via UK) or through Malaga Airport (via Spain). Goods required by ships that arrive directly to Gibraltar can receive customs clearance on a 24 hour basis. Goods arriving from Spain through the land border, including goods arriving from Malaga airport, are subject to Spanish Customs’ working hours between 0800 to 1400 Mondays to Fridays and not on Spanish statutory holidays.

Facilities and services for shipping in Gibraltar include the provision of up-to-date charts from Gibraltar’s Admiralty Chart Agency, cargo services and container handing and surveying services. Medical assistance is available at short notice around the clock, either on shore at a local clinic or onboard. Medical services include inoculation and Drug & Alcohol testing.

Through its efficient and speedy legal system, Gibraltar provides ship and yacht registration and also effective ship arrests.

Cruise Liners

Gibraltar’s reputation as a cruise liner destination continues to grow and the Cruise Liner Terminal, situated on the western arm of the North Mole, offers an attractive and welcoming arrival to passengers. The public area houses a coffee shop and ample seating and areas have been set aside for special displays. Security is an important concern these days, and the Terminal is equipped with security in the same way as Gibraltar’s Airport. Access to the Terminal is restricted as per ISPS requirements.

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