Gibraltar ready to welcome back cruise ships. The Minister for Business, Tourism, Transport and the Port, Vijay Daryanani. He has announced that Gibraltar is now ready to welcome back cruise ships, their passengers and their crew.

The Port of Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Tourist Board have continued to work proactively during this pandemic to support the cruise industry, said a statement from the Government.

These efforts were recognised by MedCruise during the second edition of the Association’s awards. This is where Gibraltar was named as the “Western Mediterranean MedCruise port showing the greatest commitment during the pandemic”.

“With the necessary safety protocols now in place, I am pleased to announce that Gibraltar is now ready to welcome back cruise ships. I have been discussing the resumption of cruise calls now for a while with cruise executives and we have worked hard to ensure that we can make this happen,” said Mr Daryanani.

“The local shore excursion agents and shipping agents are also now prepared to continue their excellent tasks. In addition, the cruise companies have carried out impressive work. In terms of on-board testing and screening facilities, which will be part of their protocols.”

“Gibraltar offers many advantages for cruise itineraries with our excellent port facilities. As well as our great range of shore excursion opportunities.”

“The proximity of the port to the city centre is a great advantage, where transit times for passengers to enjoy the uniqueness of the destination are minimal. A fact that is often welcomed by passengers and shore excursion management teams.”

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