Bound4blue has announced the successful installation of a rigid sail system onboard a fishing vessel, opening up smaller vessel segments to the carbon-cutting technology.

The company’s eSAIL system has been installed along with a performance monitoring system from Kyma on Balueiro Segundo, a ship belonging to fishing longliner specialist Organización de Palangreros de A Guarda (ORPAGU). The ship is set to start sailing with the technology soon for sea trials in the Pacific Ocean.

The system comprises a 12-metre rigid sail, control system, and a monitoring system to monitoring and validating fuel savings.

Bound4blue said it was already working on a fully-tiltable 17-metre sail for a general cargo ship due for installation later this year, and is looking to future installations on tankers, bulk carriers, ro-ro and general cargo ships.

Stability tests have been carried out on the 593 gt, 41-metre vessel, which will be the first fishing vessel in the world to have auxiliary wind propulsion through a rigid sail system.

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