Gibraltar’s Marinas

Gibraltar is home to three commercial marinas and a new super-yacht berthing facility at the Mid-Harbour Marina which is managed by the Gibraltar Port Authority. Gibraltar enjoys the benefits of a modern, commercial centre and tax-free status, and it’s generally sunny Mediterranean climate adds a finishing touch to its attraction to yacht-owners.

Marina Bay

Marina Bay is the largest of the three commercial Marinas and is situated at the northern end of Gibraltar Harbour, on Gibraltar’s Westside. Working in conjunction with Ocean Village Marina, it provides some 250 berths. Marina Bay can also cater for yachts with a length of up to 100 metres. Each berth has access to telephone services as well as metered electricity and fresh water. Petrol and diesel are available at the fuel quay just outside the marina itself. Lined with restaurants, served by a number of sailing schools and with easy access to hotels, local transport and a vibrant town centre, Marina Bay provides an excellent location for basing a yacht and exploring the world.

Ocean Village

Ocean Village Marina and the neighbouring Marina Bay together make part of the luxurious Ocean Village Project. Its berths, including berths for yachts up to 100 metres in length, provide yacht owners access to some of Gibraltar’s most popular restaurants, a 5-star “floating” hotel, casinos and night clubs. Ocean Village is ideal as a base, or as a stopover for fuel, provisions and other services as well as for exploring Gibraltar.

Queensway Quay Marina

Queensway Quay Marina lies at Gibraltar’s Westside giving visitors easy access to the town centre and yacht operators access to superb services. With 185 berths, Queensway Quay Marina offers telephone services, metered electricity and fresh water, laundry services, with some berths benefiting from cable TV. Set with the Rock of Gibraltar in the background, at the feet of the city walls, its wharfs steeped in history, Queensway Quay Marina is also an ideal place from which to explore the Western Mediterranean.

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