Complete client care is at the heart of the comprehensive yachting services that we offer. As experienced agents, we provide a bespoke service to yacht owners and captains to ensure that they and their passengers can get the most out of their visit and stay in Gibraltar, with services ranging from personalised luxury concierge services, through arranging customs documentation and port clearance to refuelling and waste disposal. With all-year and 24/7 access to our team, Global Yachts services are defined by excellence in responsiveness as well as by the perfectly tailored, exclusive arrangements that clients can enjoy.

With 50 years of experience, Global Yachts provides the highest level of service from a professional and dedicated team who will work to make sure that yacht owners and captains enjoy a prestigious experience during their stay in Gibraltar

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Global Yachts’ services are available to clients every single day of the year, 24 hours per day. We are committed to helping ensure that your travel plans run smoothly and that your individual needs and wishes are met as fully as possible. We understand that you may need services at any time of day and night, and are ready to provide these whatever and whenever your requirements.

berth reservations


Gibraltar’s Marinas are popular destinations for travellers from all over the world. We liaise with clients in order to pre-book their yacht berths so that availability is ensured prior to the yacht’s arrival. Just contact us with dates and yacht details and we will do the rest for you.

oil and fuel bunkering


Global Yachts can make arrangements for your yacht to receive fuel and oil as you require. Gibraltar has most grades of fuel available, including low-sulphur fuels and most major brands of oil are also readily available. Bunkering can take place alongside berth.

port customs formalities


We understand that clients prefer to enjoy their travels rather than have to deal with all the regulations and documentation that goes with berthing in a port. Global Yachts liaises with you in advance of arriving in port, or as soon as possible on arrival, in order to deal with all the formalities on your behalf so that you can simply proceed to make the most of your visit to Gibraltar.

immigration formalities


Experienced in customs formalities and arrangements, Global Yachts can make sure that all passengers are registered and have appropriate documentation in order to spend time in Gibraltar. We can also arrange for your crew (in particular during crew changes in Gibraltar) to have all correct documentation so that the relevant formalities can be properly completed according to Gibraltar’s customs regulations.

provisions and supplies


Gibraltar is an important stop for travellers, not just as an enjoyable tourist destination, but also to refuel and to stock up on essential yacht provisions. We will help you to re-stock your yacht supplies, whether these are basic provisions or high-end luxury items. With close links to local providers, Global Yachts can help you to ensure that you enjoy the best quality standards of provisions for your onward journey.

garbage slops/removals


As part of an internationally renowned shipping agency, Global Yachts is perfectly place to facilitate garbage and slops removal from your yacht while it is berthed in Gibraltar. Slops reception can be arranged alongside berth and both high and low flash products can be removed and disposed of locally. We also make arrangements with a local company to dispose of garbage berthside.

charts and publications


Gibraltar’s Admiralty Chart Agency is fully stocked with up-to-date charts which we arrange to collect and deliver for customers.

crew change

Crew Change

Global Yachts can readily organize crew changes and arrange all the necessary immigration formalities. Gibraltar International Airport is situated only 1.4 km from the Port and has daily connections to a number of cities in UK including London. Transfer arrangements can also be made from Spain through the nearby Spanish airports of Malaga and Jerez, both only 1.5 hours’ drive from Gibraltar.

medical assistance


We know that your health is vital to you and that medical services are important when travelling. Gibraltar provides medical assistance at short notice round the clock and is an ideal port if you or a crew member requires medical services. Global Yachts can arrange for medical assistance on shore at local clinics, or we can arrange on-board assistance. Medical services also include inoculations and drug/alcohol testing.

cash to master


Global Yachts can arrange cash to master services for most major currencies, including GBP, EUR and USD.

concierge service


At Global Yachts, we believe that time is one of your most precious assets and we want to help you make the best of your time in Gibraltar. We offer a 24/7 year round concierge service to a standard that will surpass your expectations. We pride ourselves in providing a truly holistic service to each of our clients and, in every aspect of our services, we aim at perfection so that you can enjoy Gibraltar at its brilliant best.

technical service support


Global Yachts can help you make the most of your time in Gibraltar to ensure that your vessel is in tip-top condition. We can arrange for on-board repairs and dry docking if necessary, and we can arrange for the delivery of spare parts to the yacht through air freight arriving either directly into Gibraltar via our International Airport or by road from Spain. We deal with all customs arrangements necessary to receive technical equipment and spare parts into Gibraltar on behalf of our clients.

hotel reservations


Global Yachts are here to help you make the most of your time in Gibraltar. We can pre-arrange hotel reservations in one of Gibraltar’s excellent hotels, so that you can enjoy a relaxed luxurious stay, and, with our attention to detail, we can arrange for you to maximize your stay with bookings for hotel spa experiences, associated event ticket bookings and other tourism arrangements.

taxi vehicle rental


Taxis or chauffeured vehicles can be made available in advance for whatever trips you require once you have disembarked in Gibraltar. We can also arrange for hire vehicles to be immediately available to you.

exclusive tours excursions


Gibraltar is a historic city with a stunning Nature Reserve in the Upper Rock. Discover Gibraltar at your own pace through an exclusive private tour or excursion to your choice of sites. From the iconic lighthouse at Europa Point to the underground magnificence of St Michael’s Cave via Gibraltar’s Skywalk, a top of the rock experience – we can help to make the stay memorable for your and your guests.

freight handling courier services


Global Yachts can arrange for your important documents or freight deliveries to arrive at your yacht while you are at berth in Gibraltar, as well as for outgoing courier and freight services to be available to you, your passengers and crew.

travel and transportation


Whatever your onward travel requirements – whether you wish to arrange a chauffer-driven journey to the magnificent cities of Southern Spain, or hire a private jet for a journey of greater distance – we are able to make all the relevant arrangements, leaving you to simply decide where you wish to go.

customs and logistics


Gibraltar has its own specific customs laws that are outside of the European Union Customs arrangements. Global Yachts arranges all the customs formalities for you so that you, your crew and passengers can travel with peace of mind. In the same way, we can make all the arrangements necessary to help you on your onward journey.

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