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With a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence, Global Agency Company is a well-established ship agent, providing specialist shipping and associated services to international clients from our base in Gibraltar. Situated at one of the main waterways of the world for international maritime transport, Global Agency Company is proud to be part of Gibraltar’s shipping industry.

Our many years of expertise in the multi-faceted shipping sector and our commitment to excellence, as illustrated by our achievement of ISO 9001, ISO45001 and ISO14001, provides a powerful reassurance of our ability to co-ordinate and create bespoke solutions for all our clients, from international shipping companies to individual owners of luxury yachts.

As an established ship agent in Gibraltar, our strength lies in the long-term commitment that we can offer all our clients as well as our ability to co-ordinate our own sister companies’ specialist services and the services of other providers and suppliers to ensure complete satisfaction for our clients.

Global Agency Company believes in fostering lasting relationships with clients, which means we focus our professional expertise and commitment to each individual client, meeting their needs and their aspirations through our reliability, skills and dedication. The Straits of Gibraltar is our home, but we also provide services in Spanish neighbouring ports through long established sub-agency arrangements.

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What others say about us

  • Good afternoon Dyfan, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much, to Global for providing a sterling service throuout our Port visit to Gibraltar./ Kind Regards.

    Mark A Whyton
  • Dear sirs, this message is to deeply thank you all for the brilliant effort leading to the vessel safe sailing away overnight with its grab on board. Your focusing on customer needs and the timely cooperative attitude demonstrated by your company in this event is highly appreciated. Best Regards

    David Fiorentini
  • Once again on behalf of the Captain and crew, we are truly grateful for not just the fact that you responded and helped but with the efficient manner in which you did so. In our business it is always nice to acquire a new friend and business acquanintance. And rest assured that should the need arise you will be the first that we reach out too. Take care.

    David Herbert
  • Thanks for your outstanding service.

    Captain HMC Seeker
  • I would like to extend my gratitude to you and your team for supporting HMS Ambush during our period alongside in Gibraltar. The services that you have provided us during this time have been of great value, allowing our maintenance to be conducted to the highest standard during a busy programme. Your help will allow us to achieve success in our future commitments. The period alongside also allowed some time for our ship's company to relax, and without your assistance this would not have been possible.

    S E McAllister Royal Navy Commanding Officer

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Although generally benefitting from a warm, Mediterranean climate, because of Gibraltar’s location jutting into the Straits at the southern tip of Europe facing North Africa, the meeting place of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Gibraltar’s weather can become variable and can be subject to extremes, with occasional very heavy rainfall in the winter and very strong gusts of wind.

The dominant features of the weather in Gibraltar are the easterly winds (Levanter) and the westerly winds (Poniente). The easterly winds can bring humid conditions and sea fog is not uncommon when these easterly air currents are prevalent. The westerly winds bring drier air, cool in the winter, and hot and dry in the summer.

Gibraltar’s exposed location can mean its weather is subject to rapid changes and local monitoring and forecasting of weather conditions is an essential activity for shipping agents.


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