Global Agency Company

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About company

Our team, made up of personnel totally dedicated to the Ship Agency Service Industry, with over 48 years experience in the field, created this truly local organization, in which our exigencies and pressures are focused to meet the finest grades of Quality, Reliability and Professional Services at the right Discretional Rates, present day market trends demand.

Company services




Slop Reception

Repairs (Steel works, Mechanical & Electrical)

Cruise liner terminal facilities

P & I Representation

Medical services and hospitalisation

Charts and Publications

Crew changes

Underwater Cleaning, repairs and inspections

Shore excursion programme

Off-Port limits services

Currency delivery (cash to master)

Delivery of spare parts

Stores & Provisions

Ship's Sanitation Certificate


Aerial Photography

Stevedoring Services

Contact info
P.O. Box 490, Unit 7, Amaryllis House, Waterport Terraces, Gibraltar.

Telephone (24hr): (+350) 20051777 and 20051778
FAX: (+350) 20051779